The Envision Finance Manager module has been designed to complement the financial accounting software package in use already and manage the individual transactional data associated with the activities performed within the individual Module Managers of the system. Your Finance software remains the master repository of your chart of accounts.

Finance Manager is designed to work in unison with your company accounts package:

  • integrates Envision data into your master financial repository
  • handles all the transactional processes and data within defined periods
  • contains true multi-company control within one system
  • tracks transactions at a granular level by matching analysis code design – never ‘lose’ information again and retain approved accounting systems
  • provides for user defined period based reporting and journal movements and the period based valuation reports include work in progress reporting to enable consistent monitoring of costs and revenue
  • includes sales and purchase invoicing to bill direct from the system with detailed invoices defined by fixed price billing rules and tax codes
  • provides for multiple currencies and exchange rates