CAMO – EASA plans new changes to enable airlines to operate without their own CAMO

EASA is responding to European Airlines requests to be able to outsource CAMO to specialists and MRO's without the need to retain their own CAMO organisation. As has been recently publicised in the aviation press, EASA in response to demands from airlines in the region are looking to change the regulations governing outsourcing of airworthiness [...]

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Apple finally publish certification details of their battery in the iPad, enabling the FAA to proceed with certification

Electronic flight bags, Electonic Flight Logs and 'Angry Birds' what more could you want? iPad battery certification published As reported by Blue Sky Business Aviation news,   In an Aug. 24 posting to its iPad support knowledge base, the tablet computer manufacturer listed its international battery safety certifications, thereby meeting the requirements of Federal Aviation [...]

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Envision Lite press release.

Envision Lite™ Takes Flight   Rusada launches Envision Lite, a low entry cost MRO, operations and fleet management solution     13 June 2012 – As the aviation industry continues to demand more of its suppliers, Rusada, the company responsible for Envision™, a leading MRO/Operations and fleet management software solution, has responded to this demand with the [...]

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Air Arabia – success comes in sixes….

Here is an interesting article from Arabian at a time when several Middle Eastern airlines are counting their losses from a dismal 2011, Air Arabia’s turnover and passenger volumes have continued to skyrocket An interview with Mr. Adel Ali helps explain why.   Of course we like to think as one [...]

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