About Rusada

The aviation industry is demanding more from its suppliers: technology is driving that challenge, as are market changes. The need to control costs has never been greater, but the need to adapt to business requirements strains that cost control by demanding solutions to manage the business that are flexible and which leverage current investment.

Envision, since its inception over 25 years ago, has been designed to anticipate change and provide the management information required to respond to change quickly:

  • Applications should be more than just tools for the performance of work – they should collect transactional information to enable the business to evolve and become increasingly more efficient.
  • Workplace tools should employ the technology that users are familiar with outside of work – with simple ways to input and extract information.
  • Aviation is more than just equipment—it’s the performance of that equipment combined with the efficiency of the people maintaining it and the information gathered as a result.
  • Departmental ‘silos’ are counter-productive: applications should encourage integration of actions across roles.
  • Integrating the best elements of your current business with new applications should be a given, not an exception.

About Envision

Envision is our MRO, Operations and fleet management solution for the aviation industry that enables true business transformation by combining MRO, flight operations and fleet management in one integrated, configurable and extendable software solution.

Serving aircraft operators, OEMs, MROs and service organisations, our data driven – asset management software provides the visibility and flexibility your business needs to respond quickly to external market forces and internal cost and efficiency requirements. Envision delivers in 4 key areas

Flexibility and efficiency

  • One single database–one single point of entry for all departments of your business.
  • Easy integration with your back-office systems
  • Business process transparency–true cause and effect visibility across departments
  • Configurable reports and dashboards to control parts and resources

Process control

  • End to end materials management for total control and visibility at every stage
  • Maintenance information management and real-time updates
  • Manpower management and resource utilisation information

Visibility and decision making

  • Multiple record display and additional relevant information retrieval without the need for drill down
  • Transaction based rules and alerts
  • Navigate without ever losing the pathway—easily track back to where you started
  • Automatically maps people, rates, shifts and actions for accurate planning and invoicing


  • Continuous Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO) approved
  • Synchronises with corporate applications for governance
  • Integrates your crew and labour duty rules to ensure their compliance with legislation