Flexibility & Control MRO and Operations software

Rusada is the leading provider of MRO software for the civil and defense aerospace industry. Offering 24/7 support and consultation to our global customer base of fixed-wing, rotary-wing and MRO centre customers. Whether you're CAMO, Part 145 or Part M compliant, we are the expert provider for your needs.

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Rusada's Envision software is modular. This means that you only take the modules that are required by your business. If you only need resource management and fleet management then that's all you'll receive. Our modules include: Configuration & Resource Management, Fleet Management, Maintenance Management, Materials Management, Finance Management, Operations Management and Quality Assurance Management. Read more


Not only do Rusada supply aviation businesses with the MRO software they require to run their businesses successfully and efficiently, we also offer consultation and implementation services. Our consultants are aviation industry specialists. They speak your language and understand your needs. Our implementation projects are driven to deliver on time and to budget. To achieve this we take special care when scoping the project prior to engagement. Read more


We have numerous Project Data Sheets, Case Studies, Presentations and White Papers for you to look over and decide that Rusada can offer you what you're looking for in terms of software, consultation and implementation. If you are looking for more variations of resources please fill in the Callback form on the left hand side and we will respond as soon as possible. Read more

About Us

Envision is a leading MRO/Operations and fleet management software solution delivering the flexibility the aviation industry demands to meet ever changing internal requirements and respond quickly to external market forces.

Our experienced consultants add over 200 man years of best practice knowledge so that combined with our software, the need for true business transformation capability for our aviation customers is a reality. Read more

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Below are a few testimonials from a small section of our customer list. We pride ourselves on making sure all our customers are well looked after.

After a very thorough pre-sales selection process we were extremely encouraged by the demonstration of the Envision system. This demonstration, along with the confidence shown by the Rusada team in their ability to implement on time, were the deciding factors in us agreeing a contract with Rusada. We are looking forward to being up and running on Envision very soon.

David Mata Director of Quality, Faasa Aviation

Rusada is internationally recognised worldwide for their reliability and developments within the MRO IT software industry. We are proud to work with Rusada and look forward to working together for the years to come.

Peter Bulckaert Redelivery Services Unit, VP Fokker Services

I would like to thank the Rusada team for helping us collectively reach a milestone by going live on Envision. It has been a monumental effort to get this far. A few key individuals on Rusada’s side and ours really drove this on and went beyond the call of duty, working long days to set the system up, provide training in preparation for going live.

Paul Bristow Engineering Director, Gama Aviation