“Our technology experience and domain knowledge means that our solutions are exactly what you need to position your operation to manage growth”

Julian Stourton, CEO, Rusada

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ENVISION nGen is the latest release of our aviation MRO/M&E technology that has been implemented in more than 100 installations worldwide.

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“…the confidence shown by the Rusada team in their ability to implement on time, were the deciding factors in us agreeing a contract with them.”

David Mata, Director of Quality, Faasa Aviation

“Rusada is internationally recognised worldwide for their reliability and developments within the MRO IT software industry.”

Peter Bulckaert, Redelivery Services Unit VP, Fokker Services

“A few key individuals on Rusada’s side and ours went beyond the call of duty, working long days to set the system up, provide training in preparation for going live.”

Paul Bristow, Engineering Director, Gama Aviation



Rusada to Support Flying Doctors

August 14th, 2018|

Royal Flying Doctor Service SE selects ENVISION nGen for maintenance information system SYDNEY, Australia, 14th August 2018 – The Royal Flying Doctor Service has announced that it has chosen Rusada’s ENVISION nGen maintenance information system [...]

日照山太飞机工程股份有限公司正式选用 Rusada 解决方案

June 25th, 2018|

位于日照市的MRO 设施将正式实行ENVISION nGen技术 (2018 年 6 月 26 日,山东日照)市场上首屈一指的 Rusada 航空维护技术 ENVISION nGen 荣获日照山太飞机工程股份有限公司 (STAECORZ) 正式选用,即将在其位于山东日照市的设施内实施,作为 MRO 维护信息系统 (MIS) 的主要骨干技术。 STAECORZ作为山东太古集团公务机板块成员, 将为通航飞机和短途客机提供专业的机身维护服务,也可以为商用支线客机提供机队工程及维护服务,以及一系列范围广泛的机舱改装、系统升级、运输检查、部件大修、零件生产和客货机改造服务。 位于山东省日照国际机场的全新 MRO 设施将由两个机库和四个维修站组成,具备非常好的硬件设施,可以为通航飞机特别是公务机提供专业的维修、改装及整机喷漆工作。全新设计的喷漆机库,完全是按照专业喷漆标准设计,可以满足公务机的高标准的喷漆亮度要求,具备可控的温湿度及粉尘控制能力,可以达到有毒气体0排放。 日照山东太古的首席执行官 Richard Lin 说:「我们致力于为运营庞巴迪、湾流航太及巴西航空工业公司飞机,为本地和国际客户提供专业一流的大型维修服务。可以为大中华区的通航维修业务、日照市的航空产业、」山东太古公务机板块业务,带来实实在在的贡献。 Richard 继续说道:「采用ENVISION nGen 将有助我们实现数字化运营,让我们做好充分准备拓展第三方大型MRO 业务,为中国内地增长迅速的短途和公务客机机队提供高效服务。」 Rusada 首席执行官 Julian Stourton 指出:「STAECO 的决定再一次巩固了我们在亚太地区维护技术提供商市场的龙头地位,资源丰富的亚洲实施团队当然厥功至伟,但ENVISION nGen 的用户界面也绝对功不可没,它不仅功能丰富而且直观易用,还支持中英双语字符集。」 ENVISION nGen 将在位于日照市的设施中首先使用,让 STAECORZ 得以对技术作全面评估,了解是否适合在将来的新开设的设施全面使用。 完 关于Rusada 成立于 1987 年的Rusada总部设于瑞士,是一家全球航空软件解决方案公司,业务遍及中东、亚洲、欧洲和美洲等地,为全球各地过百重要客户提供软件支持,分别在 30 个国家管理超过 1,500 架飞机。 公司的 Envision 软件为广大运营商、原始设备制造商 (OEM)、维护和维修机构 (MRO) 和其他服务机构提供重要管理信息和操作流程控制服务。 更多信息: michael.flannigan@rusada.com +44 (0) 7585 328047


Behind the Logo – Cameron Molyneux

April 5th, 2018|

With our combination of aviation experts and technologists, we know that it’s our people that differentiates Rusada from other technology vendors. Get to know more about our amazing team through this series of blogs which discusses [...]


Aircraft Commerce EMEA 2018

May 31st, 2018|

**New for Amsterdam** The Rusada team will be demonstrating the latest mobile applications at the conference - to see them in action, visit booth E23 or book some time in the form below. The Airline [...]

NBAA Maintenance Conference 2018

April 26th, 2018|

The National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) Maintenance Conference is taking place in Albuquerque across May 1st – 3rd. Bringing together 950 delegates to discuss maintenance within a business aircraft environment, this conference provides critical [...]

Aircraft Commerce Miami 2018

March 6th, 2018|

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